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Big news!

Thanks to everyone that made my digital Kickstarter a reality. We funded and I delivered the bulk of the minis just before Xmas. I'm still adding some of the unlocked stretch goals but am almost there. The files were delivered by "my mini factory" and so I built a new store!

Click on the image below or this link: and you can start downloading digital files to 3d print. There are 67 objects to peruse and a couple of Freebies. The rules are still free (I'll be updating them with new stat cards for the new minis soon) and there is still a free Xmas sculpt if you want to test.

At the point of writing most of the minis are downloadable without the 3d supports, giving you freedom to use your own support and slicing tools for your particular printer but I am adding files for each mini with supports that should work on every printer. Some people really prefer doing it themselves as they have their own proven system and some people like the ease of pre-supported minis.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten the Metal mini production. 3 New minotaurs are being Molded at time of writing so i'll let you know as soon as they are ready to purchase. Following me on Instagram or Facebook is the best way to get up-to-date news from me. , ,
The metal range however will lag behind the digital minis due to the higher cost and processes involved. Let me know which figures you'd like me to mold and cast next, the more popular the higher up the list of importance they become.
I will probably also have to create some more Kickstarters to pay for the casting as I'm not sure if the Digital only Kickstarters will also support the metal manufacturing...

At last it's here! My second Kickstarter. 30+ new minis, stretch goals, terrain, early bird and bundle deals.

I've concentrated on preparing the stls, downloads, for 3d printing and will deal with metal production separately at a later date.

Check out what is on offer by clicking on this link and hitting the notify me on launch button. It will go live early, November 2023.

And don't forget any metal miniatures that aren't on this website can be found here:

or you can contact me through Facebook:
or instagram:

I've been preparing for the next kickstarter. You can see a w.i.p. page by clicking on this link..

I've updated the Beestwars Skirmish PDF game and extras. New Cover and action cards. New coloured statistic cards and coloured status tokens to cut out.

I've been working on a bunch of new figures including 3 new factions:- croc men, Dwarf Tuskers and northern barbarians. There are a bunch of new Minotaurs coming. Work and homeschooling in the pandemic have slowed my GH Minis progress somewhat.. Follow my Instagram or FB page to keep up to date with how I'm going.,

All pledges have been delivered. Thanks to my wonderful backers. Now to prep the next Kickstarter.

The Kickstarter was a success, thanks to everyone that supported me- now to get everything cast.

I've been prepping a Kickstarter campaign for a while, but decided to dip my toes in first with the Make 100 KS promo.

With your help, I'll be able to turn two of my Beestwars heroes into pewter metal. There will also be warband add-ons from my existing range, and maybe the odd surprise addition along the way. This KS is limited to 100 backers, and will be launching on 28th January for 20 days.

Visit my pre-launch page to get notified by KS.

They are suitable for 28mm-32mm tabletop gaming, but they are creatures, so the Minotaur is substantially bigger. (grin)

Casting will be done in N.Z. and the U.S. by my trusted Regal Toy Soldiers and ZombieSmith.

If it all works out, I have stockpiled more work-in-progress minis for a larger campaign sometime in the future that I'd love to get to your tabletop.

You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

District 9 hit the front page of the Tabletop Gaming magazine.
I was interviewed along with the team that wrote the rules. Check out the February edition.

Black Friday Sale, Why so early? If you get your orders in before the 30th Nov, you'd get them for Xmas! (international orders-last Xmas posting date is around the 3rd Dec)(No code- Visit the shopping cart as usual and I will issue a 25% refund asap- shipping not included) go to Sale ends 30/11/2019.

I've just added a pdf file of extras to aid the Barbarian Beestwars gaming experience. It's free to download next to the free quickstart ruleset, what could be better? In it you will find Sat cards for the factions characters and also Status symbol tokens. print them out, (sleeve them) and play. At a later date I may get fancy and add more colour and a different layout, It's just a matter of time.

I want to put a KS together for my Beestwars minis. I have new minis for 3 of my existing factions (Clovis Minotaurs, Geladan (baboon men), barbarians (Hyenamen shapeshifters) and 1 new faction mini Dust devil (Vampyre). I need to keep the KS small but I'm wondering if I should release each faction with it's own KS or all together? I've got some old school minis from yesteryear that people are interested in as well. Adding stretch goals seems like a mission as my sculpting time is limited and I have other projects to fulfill. When I have all the figures sculpted and 3d printed my casters will be able deliver quickly. Presenting the minis for the KS campaign seems as if it will take some time as well, especially if I want them painted to a high standard :) I'd leave the printing of a fully fleshed skirmish game rulebook for another time, I'd like to fill it with illustrations. It's a free download on my website at the moment and I've just added a few updates with status tokens and Stat cards

The District 9 Kickstarter kicks off for the second time after cancelling to make some changes and gaming improvements. So now it'll be on the 4th Sept and will run for about 3 weeks.

Prawns? do you love Prawns? Whatever... love'm or hate'm you must have seen the movie District 9? Well, Weta Workshop have been turning it into a boardgame and they've got me involved!. I worked on the original movie as a sculptor and prosthetics artist and now I've had the privilege to sculpt over 70 minis for the upcoming D9 boardgame. Coming to Kickstarter on 26th March!

You can sign up or news of the new campaign here: and view the updates to the cancelled campaign here:

Check out some of the minis on my Instagram and Facebook accounts

Head over to youtube for the original play-test video...

I had some great days Demoing Beestwars (with the help of Mark Fry) recently at the Weta Cave and Wellycon: check out some video interviews with me about Beestwars and District 9.

You can also purchase a selection of my Pewter minis pre-assembled from the Weta Cave in Miramar or if you can't get to Wellington NZ open the Weta Website.

I've commissioned Mary Profitt of Hamster cage studios to paint a few Geladan for me. She did an amazing job and here are some pics for you.

Recent releases to the Hyenaman range: The Feral Hyenaman Afemefuna on his Warbeest and the terrifying Hyenaman Shapeshifter Gnoll.

You can also purchase the full Hyenaman warband at a reduced price and settle tribal disputes with the Geladan once-and-for-all or drive back the encroaching Clovis horde...

Stats and updated rules for these Hyenamen will be available soon and you can also keep up to date by following me here:

We have released a new version of Beestwars Quick-start!

You'll find stats for the new Barbarian hyenamen figures and shamanic magic, new Special abilities, illustrations and more... Download it here.

Shapeshifter minis coming soon..

New Releases... Barbarian Hyenamen and pets alongside 2 Geladan , expanding the Beestwars factions

To coincide with the release of the Barbarian Beestwars quick-start rules we have packaged a couple of starter sets for the first two factions. One for the Clovis and one for the Geladan


My "Fantasy Warr.." Tabletop RULES are now "live"! And even better, they are FREE. click here for the downloadable PDF, "The Barbarian Beestwars"

It's a pretty big thing for me.. having a rules set for my Miniatures.

Beestwars is a free quickstart PDF of our upcoming skirmish game designed for use with my Fantasy Warr range. Beestwars is a conversion of Zombiesmith's popular Shieldbash system, modified for my Fantasy Warr figures!

Please give these rules a try and send us feedback! They are very much a work-in-progress. We'll be updating them monthly with new fluff, stats, images and rules updates!

To coincide with this release we have packaged a couple of starter sets for the first two factions. One for the Clovis and one for the Geladan.

There are a few new Geladan sculpts to pick up as well! These and most of the rest of the range are either supported now or will be very soon.

In time as the rules evolve I'll be adding quite a few figures and factions to the range and with Zombiesmith and Doug Redpath's help we'll keep the rules updated to cover them!

New additions to the Fantasy Warr.. range of 32mm miniatures:

Bounding forth from the forests of the Simien Mountains we have some more Geladan (baboon men) releases. You can find them here

So at long last Weta Workshop has got me working on a range of 1/30th scale Hobbit/Lotr figures. The first ones are up for pre-order on the Weta site and come pre-painted ( there's also an environment to put them in. I'm sure many collectors will find some game rules that these guys can fit into. These are not Gary Hunt Miniatures but Weta Workshops. ( I couldn't afford the licence! ) Anyway it was fun and we managed to put heaps of detail in... hopefully we'll have more to show you soon..

Now available : Geladan : Baboon men of Simia. And more on their way..

They are also available from Zombiesmith Miniatures (U.S.)

The board game Moongha Invaders has now been released and I've received a copy from Martin and Julia Wallace of Treefrog games. This was a fun project and great to share sculpting responsibility with my old friend Anton Ducrot of Flytrap Factory (he sculpted the Human characters) Here's a pick of the box and the pieces I sculpted cast in glorious technicolor.

As you may know Gary Hunt Miniatures has teamed up with Zombiesmith miniatures to distribute throughout America. Zombiesmith along with Flytrap Factory and a group of small bespoke miniature/gaming companies get together for a series of pod-casts. They twisted my arm!

Ep06... 17/12/2015 'The Brotherhood Of The Fly' proudly presents a special impromptu Christmas episode with fellow brother, sculpting veteran and miniatures master Gary Hunt of 'Gary Hunt Miniatures'. Join us as we delve into the behind the scenes world of special effects and film orientated sculpture and design through his long term association with Weta Workshop as well as a behind the scenes look at his own stalwart New Zealand operation that has provided collectors and enthusiasts with highly exquisite and original sculptural masterpieces for many years.

Look out for me, or two small plinths full of my miniatures at the Academy galleries, 1 Queens Wharf, Wellington, 4th-12th June. I'll be joining the many New Zealand artists of the White Cloud Worlds and also a Weta Workshop Giant Killer Robot Exhibition.

Available in the shop now

Geladan figures coming soon to Fantasy Warr

Battle of Five armies Dvd Collectors edition, sculpted by Lindsey Crummett and Gary Hunt. Available from Amazon now

The die is cast. Gary Hunt's Miniatures are heading Stateside!

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - March, 2015 Gary Hunt Miniatures is excited to announce a new partnership with Zombiesmith, the U.S. based producer and distributor of war-gaming miniatures. The scene is set for a re-release of the 'Fantasy Warr' range, followed soon after by the pulp sci-fi "21st Century Amazons" collection. GH mini's will be available from Zombiesmith this April, starting with the Fire Drake. In addition, Gary has many new and soon to be revealed designs in the works. Look out for Zbrush digital renders, workbench photos and more in the coming months.

"I'm really thrilled to be working alongside Zombiesmith," said Gary Hunt, founder of GHM. "The partnership will allow me to focus fully upon producing new content for gamers and collectors. New miniature lines will join a whole host of future creations including, terrain, vehicles and rules sets."

New Zealand based Gary has been producing war-gaming miniatures since 1995. His first job was with Grenadier U.K. He has subsequently collaborated with Anton Ducrot (Sculptor and founder of Flytrap factory - recently partnered with Zombiesmith) on numerous projects. They stay in regular contact and can often be found sharing thoughts and ideas regarding both the miniature’s world and the film industry of which they are both part. Gary has worked for Weta Workshop as a Sculptor/Designer for 15 years now and has been part of numerous films such as Lord of the Rings, Avatar, King Kong and the Hobbit. He has also sculpted many of the Weta collectibles range.

U.S. based Josh Qualtieri of Zombiesmith has been releasing cool and quirky miniatures for almost 15 years, providing fun figures and energised rule sets. Joshua spent 17 years in Feature Film Animation working on such films as Wall-e, Brave and Ratatoille before deciding to make games full time. ZS teamed up seamlessly with Flytrap Factory last year and is excited about this new pairing.

Zombiesmith will take over production and fulfillment of Gary Hunt Miniatures within North America and Europe (customers within Australasia will receive orders direct from Gary Hunt Miniatures, New Zealand.)

For more information, please visit:

New Releases early 2015: Some of these may have already just been released in my web shop as they have now been cast, so have a look around. A full release with Ink-washed or painted miniature photos will appear around January A.s.a.p. Barbarians, Armoured Minotaur, Wizard, Elf and a Clovis (Minotaur) pendant added to the "Fantasy Warr.." range And a Sir Francis Drake added to the 54mm Historical range.

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The Dwarven Barbarian is now available as part of My Fantasy Warr.. range and the Wizard with a few others will be available asap.

These Hobbit, "The desolation of Smaug" collectibles were previewed at the San Diego Comicon recently. From left to right we have the large Smaug sculpture, Thror on Throne, Bard the bowman and the Smauglette.

I worked on the large Smaug with Lindsey Crummet and David Tremont modelled Thror's throne. I sculpted these collectibles digitally using scans and Weta Digital T-pose models, they were then £d printed and cleaned up physically for production...

They will be available on the Weta workshop Website and you can see more pics on my portfolio page and Facebook

The Extended Edition, Hobbit, Desolation of Smaug Collectible I digitally sculpted using scan data etc (based on a Chris Guise design and the scene from the trailer)...Available on Amazon.

These are sculpted and produced at the same scale as the single Barrel rider sculpts available from Weta Workshop,

I could be wrong but this may have been my last entirely physical collectible sculpt (including the likeness) for WETA as I seemed to have drifted over to the Digital world......

Available from Weta Workshop,

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition is now available and shipping on Amazon. You can purchase it with the Limited Edition Amazon Exclusive Bilbo/Gollum Statue that I was lucky enough to get the chance to sculpt. This was also the first time a Zbrush digital sculpt of mine has been 3d Printed...

This year has gone by in the blink of an eye! It was great to see my work on the Hobbit and Elysium and I've been kept busy on many projects at Weta including some more collectables: the DVD special edition sculpt of Gollum and Bilbo and a few to be announced soon. A lot of my work recently has moved over to the digital dark side and is as rewarding as physical sculpting. Outside of Weta I have produced many sculpts for a boardgame (Moongha Invaders) been part of an exhibition and sculpted/kitbashed and painted scale models for an Aztec museum piece. I've just released 5 X 1/32nd scale historical figures for my range and have many figures for all my ranges on-the-go or just chomping at the bit to get sculpted!

There are 5 new releases in the 54mm Historical range: 4 of them fall under the New Zealand Wars catagory and 1 in the Zulu range.

I'll post painted pics asap.

I've been busy sculpting the characters for a boardgame: Moongha invaders by Treefrog games. The job was a little too large for me to do outside of Weta so I shared it with a talented sculptor, Anton Ducrot from Flytrap factory. The designs from Tim Huesken were awesome and the figures are now being injection moulded in China. Looking forward to seeing them with the game itself...

I recently converted a large order of my 54mm historical figures for a customer and had them painted by Regal toy soldiers, they did a great job. Some of the conversions were more substantial than others and from this I molded 5 new figures that are now available on my website. A Zulu and 4 New Zealand Wars figures: Maori warrior, armed constabulary and a bush ranger.

I was approached by Te Mahi model makers to sculpt/kit-bash and paint 15 Aztec farmers for the Te Papa Aztec exhibition: Conquest and glory. I couldn't resist so here are some pics of the model chinampas (floating gardens of Mexico).

The exhibition is in Wellington from 29 Sep 2013 – 9 Feb 2014 and features many artifacts that are rarely seen around the world and have certainly never been seen in New Zealand. You can see more photo's of the chinampas models on the Te Papa blog and read some interesting facts about the gardens in the lake.

Recent releases from Gary Hunt Miniatures...

Recent work: Clovis Satyr v's Dwarf

The Hobbit Artisan Market, for the week of the premier was great fun, Thanks to everyone that turned out, stopped by and bought stuff. Here are some pics.
News Montage

More Clovis Minotaurs and Satyr are on the way. The 2 new Minotaurs have grown in stature and stand between 45-49mm tall. The standard itself is 112mm to the top.

These are multi part kits (the standard bearer comes in 6 parts) so you'll be able to swap heads etc just like the smaller minotaurs and beastmen I've released previously. I'll be adding pics of assembled and inked/painted figs to my facebook pages asap.

see my facebook profiles Gary Hunt Miniatures here and Gary Hunt here

If you are in America: you can order through Legendary Realms Terrain, (you may have to email them until they have the range on their website.)

Japan: Miniature Park

New Zealand: Modelcrafts and Hobbies or Pukeko and Jambo Hobbies or on my website and see some in the Weta cave I'll also be at the hobbit artizan market for the premier in wellington from the 24th-28th Nov

If you are in England I can distrubute from Gary Hunt Miniatures in Somerset, order through my website and I will refund the postage difference.

I've also made progress with another dragon so hopefully i'll be able to give you some pics soon. Sorry I haven't uploaded much news in recent months/years, I've had my hands full with many sculpture projects, films and life changing events! here are a few things that might interest you....

News Montage

News Montage

MinotaurMarquesan Chief

Its real busy at the Workshop these days but i've found some time to release a few more figures.

In the fantasy range we have 3 New Beastmen hero's, we have the release of the Marquesan Chief in the 54mm Historical (Pacific Islander) range and some pre-painted 54mm toysoldiers coming up. First release was the WW2 Sir Keit Park statues, next we'll see WW1 Pilots and then a Duke of Wellington. I'll be working on more beastmen for the Fantasy range and not forgeting the 21st century amazons, I'll be working on a few more of them as well...

Fantasy Warr (28mm) : Some Clovis Beastmen Lords are on the way...Fully armoured with seperate heads, shields and weapon arms. Great for creating a number of poses and characters to lead the army of Clovis beastmen and minotaurs that are already available in the range.

54mm Historical Miniature: The Marquesian Chief will be available soon. This regal Polynesian lord is holding his staff of office and also a fan, he is dressed in ornate feathers and a long cloak.

54mm Pilots: Regal toy soldiers have been painting up copies of my Pilots in traditional toy lead soldier glossy finishes, these will be appearing on the website soon.

21st Century Amazons (28mm/30mm): I've been working on some mean machines, the first release is a pack of Zegway (modern day chariots) covered in studs and wheel sythes, suitable for converting your favourite sci-fi character to make him/her/it more mobile...

54mm Duke of Wellington: The guys at Regal have also been assembling and painting some of my Iron Duke mounted figures in the traditional glossy lead soldier style, this will also be appearing on my website soon....


Clovis beastmen and Minotaur Hero's coming soon..

Happy New Year to everyone. Thanks to all customers and friends that supported me during 2010. 2011 promises to be a really busy year in more ways than one, the Hobbit filming is going to be manic! A new arrival (a baby boy, born last month) to hang out with...

I've also got a few shows at the start of the year and i've finished a few more figs that will be molded and cast shortly, so stay tuned...All the best for 2011, Gary.

Gary Hunt Miniatures is also on Facebook.

Recent releases from Gary Hunt Miniatures:

I've been working on a few more figures for all three ranges:
28mm Goatboyz for the Sci-fi apocalyptic 21st Century amazons
1/32nd scale (54mm) WW2 RAF Pilot Sir Keith Park
1/32nd scale (54mm) Marquesian chief (pacific Islanders)
28mm Fantasy Warr.. Minotaurs and Clovis (beastmen)
They will be available on this webite asap.....

New Figures by Gary Hunt

I'll be attending Natcon10 (NZ national wargaming convention Upper Hutt) on April 2,3 and 4. Game demos will be held with my sci-fi figures, these and all 28mm and 54mm ranges will be on sale. I'll also be doing a Sculpting Demo at the Weta cave in Miramar, (Wellington, NZ,) Saturday April 3 and its the official launch of the assembled, signed and numbered Fire Drake (Dragon).

Fantasy Warr. Coming soon to

The assembled pewter, ink-washed Fire Drake can now be purchased from the Weta Cave. (Weta Workshop Miramar Wellington, NZ) along with inked versions of my sci-fi figures. The drangon is signed and numbered with a wooden base of NZ Rimu. The Fire Drake will be available on this website for US$30 after Xmas, in the meantime if you would like to purchase it you can e-mail me on [email protected] and i will send you a Paypal invoice. I will however be out of office from the 18th Dec til 4th Jan. I will be checking e-mails over this period....Happy Xmas everyone and thanks for your support.

Please note the photoshop version of the Fire Drake above is not in scale with the wizard enveloped in flame. The height from base to tip of wings is 114mm.


Here is a sneek peek at my new Dragon ( excuse the blu-tac) It is currently being molded and will hopefully be available from my website in Dec. I may also be available ready assembled and inked in the Weta Cave and as a kit in Wargames Supply, Wellington.

I was lucky enough, recently, to work as part of a team with the figurative Sculptor, Les Johnson,
on the Memorial statue of Sir Keith Park.

Sir Keith played a huge part in the Battle of Britain, WW2.

"If ever any one man won the battle of Britain, he did. I don?t believe it is recognised how much this one man, with his leadership, his calm judgement and his skill, did to save not only this country, but the world." Marshal of the RAF, Lord Tedder.

He also fought at Gallipolli and the Somme in WW1, the statue has now been placed on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar square.

French Sculptor, Pierre Matter was working here at Weta workshop for 4 months, In that time I helped him on one of his original pieces, a leaping bull. It was inspiring to work with such a unique and talented sculptor. He blends mechanical scrap with organic sculpture, cast in bronze to create truly dynamic pieces.

If you haven't seen Distrrict 9 already, check it out. My hat goes off to Neill Blomkamp, it was a great project to work on.

Another blockbuster to look out for (at xmas is Avatar), Weta worked on it ( I only had a tiny bit of sculpture) and some scenes were filmed down the road at stone st studio's.

Thought i'd show some digital sculpture and painting practice. This is a portrait of Nelson Mandela using Zbrush.

I've been working on 4 more packs for the 28mm Sci-fi range, the 21st Century Amazons. New packs of Eco-monk Mercenaries, Zombies and Amazons with guns.I'll be posting more images soon.


The Weta Cave (Weta workshop, Miramar, Wellinton, NZ) now has a selection of both my 54mm and 28mm ranges on display and for sale.

The latest of my 54mm historical releases is the Maharaja of Bundi, Rajasthan, India. It is available on the website and also at Modelcrafts and hobbies in Wellington NZ.

I've been working on some more 28mm figures for the 21st Century Amazon range, you can view the Chainsaw Monk and another Zombie on photo's of these figures and other works in progress will appear here on my newsblog at a later date. The Myspace page also has photo's of many other sculpts and more of my portfolio of filmwork.

Ganesha games have been creating some stats for feathered Raptors and mudmen, (they have a comprehensive system of post-apocalyptic rules:- Mutants and Death Ray Guns) and they will be in a supplement coming soon.

The whole range of 28mm sci-fi fantasy figures has now been uploaded, There are a total of nine packs so far, don't forget to check out the pop-ups for more pics.

If you live in Wellington, NZ why not pop into Wargames supplies under the BNZ centre as they now stock, both my range sci-fi and historical ranges. Modelcrafts and hobbies, cnr Victoria & Dixon st, Wellington Also have my Historical miniatures on display.

And good news if you live in the UK, Bonapartes of Bath have my Historical 54's and will be taking them to the various shows in the country.

I've made a start on a Weta heavy weapons unit for the 28/30mm range of 21st Century Amazons, here are some pics, I will also release a version as the two-sword samurai . The packaging casting and bases are ready for the Mudmen and Zombies, Raptors etc but I need to paint the range before adding it to my site, thats pretty close.....heres a sample scenario:- Mantis girls attack Mudmen and Zombies!

More Heroic scale 28/30mm Sci fi figs for the 21st Century Amazons range. More Zombies and a Mercanary riding a Moa (large flightless bird)

Hi there workflow on the new releases and 28mm scifi Amazons has recently been interupted - I returned to the UK to visit family and ended up staying 9 weeks longer than expected! I was working with a leading artist in London to prepare his next exhibition, It was great to work on such a large sculpture again and pretty inspiring......Well, now I'm back at Weta so i'll have to find some time to get my new sculpts ready for sale on the this space.

Here is a progress report for my 21st Century Amazons heroic wargaming scale range. I have finished a smaller Raptor, a mudman (with clay helmet and sharpened bamboo fingers!) another Mantis girl, the handler and another Zombie. More greens pictures coming soon. My website will eventually detail the world of the 21st century Amazons creating dynamic gaming scenarios for skirmishing and large battles.

The Duke of wellington is ready, the casts are looking great. I will be adding the 21 peice kit to the miniatures purchasing page soon.

The Iron duke, Sir Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington 54mm kit is being Molded , I'll post pictures of it assembled very soon.... there will be 21 pieces in total.

The 21st Century Amazons range is soon to be available in (heroic) 28mm scale, for use with generic wargames and skirmish rules, they also will make great character models and collectors pieces. I have many near completion. Here are a few pics of the first ones, there will be packs of the Amazons themselves and their various predators and prey (including Zombies). More photo's as they near completion.

Here Is a progress report on the 54mm figure of the duke of wellington that I should be able to release before June. (excuse the blue tac)...

Here is a recent Zbrush (3d computer sculpting application) Head study, African Bushman elder, first attempt at skin texture.

I have made progress on this addition to my 54mm range of pewter figures, The Maharoa Raja of Bundi, Rajastan, India, will be available to purchase soon.

Another quick Zbrush head study...Gadaba woman.

I have taken on a commision to create an army of 1/72nd (15mm) French Napoleonics. Shown here-Light infantry circa 1812. (since this photo was taken I have rotated the bayonet around the muzzle and added a bayonet scabbard) Units of these figures may be available from my site in the coming months ....

I've been dabbling in a bit of 3d sculpting on the computer using a program called Zbrush. Its early days but here are some of my early practice sculpts, just getting used to pushing the virtual clay around. the dragon was made from a single sphere, the hand from a series of Zspheres. I made into an armature into which I started sculpting, and the Neanderthal was made from a simple head and shoulders tool. 

Help save Whales and learn more about these amazing creatures at the Te Papa "Whales-Tohora" exhibition open from the 1st Dec - 11 May 2008. Wellington New Zealand.

Greg Tozer, Ryk Fortuna, Don Brooker and myself took the oportunity to take a break from Weta when we heard about the exciting whale exhibition that Human Dynamo were working on. We took on the scale model cabinet (Blue whale, Sperm, Humpback, Hectors dolphin etc) working closely with Whaleman Anton Van Helden . Briguette Wuest (a terrific sculptor I have known since working in the Art Dept on Lord of the Rings) and Sue Dorrington from Human Dynamo took on the fullsize dolphins including an Orca. The exhibition has reconstructed skeletons and many educational displays. Adults are $8 and children up to 14 yrs are free.

A review of my miniatures can be found in the Sept edition of Collectors Gazzete (UK publication)

Euro Militaire in Folkstone, Kent (U.K) is getting closer. If you would like to meet for a chat and see some samples of my miniature range I will be wandering around the event on Saturday 22nd Sept. e-mail me on [email protected] if you would like to arrange a meeting time. I will also be in London and Somerset between 7th Sept - 29th Sept if you have any trade enquiries.

If you are around Wellington (NZ) July/August the "New Dowse Museum" Hutt City has a King Kong Exhibition, Displaying some of the scannable maquettes we worked on, Digital Art Work from Gus Hunter and Jeremy Bennett, sketches, moving image footage, life size models/skulls and talks/workshops by Gino Acevedo, Greg Broadmore etc.

Miniatures by Gary Hunt The new 54mm Historical figure release is the Maori warrior advancing with Taiaha.

Due to requests to release the 21st century Amazons in 28mm I am busy sculpting the 21st Amazon range for gamers, this will enable me to create more characters and even this space. I will be posting photo's of the greens soon.

I have taken leave of my senses to commision the truely warped and twisted Mr Don Brooker ( Author and Illustrator of the X-ray comic book Cesspool and Sensations of the dead.) to create a sketch of the Mantis Girl. Here is the Brooker masterpiece in all its glory!
You can sample Sea Zombies and more of the unimaginable on

Still working hard-out at Weta, it was a shame about Halo... hopefully it will re-surface one day.

In my spare time I have collected together my 54mm sculpts and manufactured them, You can now purchase the first selection of Sci/fi fantasy figures from my welcome page, the site will evolve to include the figures in more detail from different views. The figures are cast in Pewter which is lead-free and come in a box with a colour sticker that can be used as a painting guide.The first release is a collection of '21st Century Amazons©' these will be followed up with the Historical range of Samurai (jan 2007), Moche (south American pre-Inca), Zulu, Pacific Islanders, New Zealand wars, and WW1 fighter pilots. You will be directed to Paypal to make a purchase and the figures should arrive on your doorstep within 21 days.Any queries, [email protected]

Hope everyone has a great Christmas

Back by popular demand.

The Making of the Lord of the Rings Motion picture exhibition is now open in Te Papa, Wellington .

It features some new models including the 1/72nd scale city of Minas Tirith (the White City of Gondor) and will be open until the 20th of August 2006.

15th March 2006

I have almost finished a couple more 54mm Samurai, if you are interested in progress photo's or getting resin copies (please be patient as I will need to mold them) contact me via [email protected]



check out the Venatasaurus bust, Venatasaur Attack, Kong Deluxe Chess Set and a King Kong with Ann bust .


Dont forget the site also offers you the chance to view the NARNIA, Lion Witch and the Wardrobe, Collection.

My personal favourite is General Otmin by Ryk Fortuna.

The Wildly Inspired website is now up and running.

15 and 25mm ancients and fantasy figures

for enquiries contact the new owner, Allen Gamble: [email protected]

View the WETA KING KONG collectibles (some of which I sculpted) on :

aint it cool news, kong is king, one ring, comic con websites.

Check ot the new weta site

look out for the King of the Dead 1/6th scale collectable on Sideshows tradefair news

and a feature by Daniel Falconer

in their MINISTRY OF INFORMATION, Lord of the Rings section.


October 2004

I've just finished painting the War mumak of Harad, by Games Workshop. This was a fun kit, its a pity that I couldn't find more time to paint it properly (there are quite a few flat colours). Anyway its a display model for my fathers shop back in England. (Wells Models, the Old Chapel Bakery, Union st, Wells, Somerset, BA5 2PU..01749 674908 if you want a look.) He stocks Games Workshop figures and many model ranges.

september 2004 news.

Life at Weta is very busy at the moment, working on the king Kong movie , however I have managed to find a little spare time to sculpt a new figure ,watch this space . Iwill post some pictures in a few days...If there is any interest I will be looking for a manufacturer to put this and a few, future sculpts into the collectors domain....

July 2004 news.

Many thanks to everyone who voted my Gandalf the white figurine, "Best Movie Related Merchandise", in the Model & Collectors Mart 2004 Readers Awards last month...

WOW what can I say.........Icant wait to sculpt another collectable.

check out

Hello and welcome to my April news.

Even though it's very busy at Weta Workshop I am still working on a few small scale historical figures in my spare time as there is some downtime from Wildly Inspired (maybe up and running again in Sept with new owner). I have also just taken on a small commission and would like to continue sculpting special characters for individuals with a passion for historical wargaming ,collecting and figure painting. So if anyone has any specific command figures or one-off collectors peices that they would love to own and commision , I would gladly consider sculpting them, time allowing off course..

you can contact me on [email protected] if you would like to discuss a sculpt. (I prefer sculpting 25mm or 54 mm figures)

Cheers Gary.

Wildly Inspired has changed ownership, they will re-open for business later this year,

Keep checking the W.I. website for more news.....

Gandalf the Grey Butter Sculpture.

Yes we recently created a life-size butter sculpture of Gandalf the Grey. Why?...
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1953-54 Royal Tour of New Zealand.
The sculpture was on display in the Te Papa Muaseum, Wellington,
from the 15-19th January 2004.
Gary Hunt Newsletter 2004 Wellington New Zealand
Happy New year....
Ive just got back from my xmas hols in Fiji (v. close to NZ) had a great time, loved the culture, spent many-a-night drinking Karva with the local villagers and the odd chief & priest. Great people, great singing voices, we felt very welcome there. Visited traditional Bure's (thatched and weaved huts) and old colonial towns that made you feel as if you had gone back to a by-gone era. The country-side and islands were stunning, lots of coral and many brightly coloured fish. Of-course, i read up on their ancient cannibal culture and the transition to christianity with the arrival of we