$45 US
Clovis Starter set 1. Sculpted by Gary Hunt. Eight (8) Multi-part 32mm figures.
Perfect for use with The Beestwars quick-start rules!
Slewdaar Stone Hoof, Narbonensis the Mean, Three Minotaur Warriors, Three Satyrs.

Clovis Beastmen Hero's figure

Pack contains: 3 heads, 3 bodies, 3 shields and 5 weapons, ideal for making a variety of characters. Beastmen stand approx 36mm tall.


$15 US
$6 US

Clovis Beastman hero, Narbonensis the Mean Clovis Beastman hero, Carnithau the Reborn

$6 US

$6 US

Clovis Beastmen Heroes Clovis Beastmen hero 3 pack

$15 US

Approx 49mm tall.

$15 US

Beastman Minotaur Standard Bearer Beastman Leper Satyr Shaman

Minotaur approx 49mm tall, Standard approx 112mm tall.

$25 US

$6 US

Beastman Satyr warriors Armoured Minoraur Champion

$15 US

$20 US

Clovis Pendant

$30 US
Inkwashed and polished, leather necklace included

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28 / 30 mm pewter metal kits supplied unpainted. Not suitable for minors under 14 yrs.


28 / 30 mm fantasy figures
for war gaming and role playing.
Supplied unpainted.