There is plenty of evidence to suggest that zombies result from toxicity levels in water and air. Obviously people take precautions but gasmask are never 100% effective.....and the infected, infect!

Mudmen seem to have built up a resistance to them and often herd the un-dead into battle, afflicting their enemies with fear.

Zombies aren't always slow and moronic, some (even with half a brain) still possess the ability to use a gun.... maybe not in the way it was intended! Others seem hell-bent on catching you, even when you've run over them a couple of times with your scythed wheels! Most zombies don't even know their fate for hours before turning. When they do eventually give in to the over-powering bloodlust, it plays havoc with their best mates conscience (when he has to blow their brains out!).

$15 US
$15 US

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery (international post usually takes between 4-10 working days).

28 / 30 mm pewter metal kits supplied unpainted. Not suitable for minors under 14 yrs.


28 / 30 mm Sci/fi figures
for war gaming and role playing.
Supplied unpainted.