Pa 1: Tongan/Fijian.

Pa 2: Fijian w. Sali club
Limited edition run of 250 worldwide.

Pa 3: Papua New Guinean. Pa 4: Maori w. Taiaha.
$24 US

$24 US
$24 US
$24 US

Pa 5: Marquesan Chief..

Maquesan Chief figure
$26 US

54 mm (1/32nd scale) pewter metal kits supplied unpainted. Not suitable for minors under 14 yrs.
Postage and packaging by Regal Enterprises


This large spade-like (replica) Fijian club was probably too unwieldy for battle but may have been used for ritual cannibalistic ceremonies.

Ha'amonga'a Maui trilithon on the main Island of Tongatapu. The constuction has been credited to the 13th Century ruler Tu'itatui and each stone weighs approx 40 tonnes.
Slabs for stone tombs (Langi) where cut from the Coral reefs.
An example of fonualoto ( vault for the dead body) on an Island in the Vava'u group.
Langi Pyramidal Tombs- taken from the 'Esi'aikona (an elavated platform used by the Chief as a rest area)