The G1-NT (Giant) manmade virus is a keen factor in the mercenaries' development. They can be extremely strong, well-built and often reach over 7ft in height. They hire their services out to peaceful farming communities to ward off marauding Amazons, Mudmen and of-course prowling Raptors.Their favourite mount is the great Moa.

Eco-monk communities were formed by refugees from unsustainable cities. Guilt ridden and extremely religious they eke out an existence in the untamed and toxic jungles using steam power and whatever renewable resources they can rig-up. They build stockades to keep their meagre crops safe and live in underground bunkers. Guns are in short supply so they have developed a martial art around medieval farming implements.

$15 US
$15 US

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery (international post usually takes between 4-10 working days).

28 / 30 mm pewter metal kits supplied unpainted. Not suitable for minors under 14 yrs.


28 / 30 mm Sci/fi figures
for war gaming and role playing.
Supplied unpainted.