Joining the insect cult isn't easy! If you were lucky enough to have been born with all your limbs (and kept them safe from viscous gang-fights) they have to come off.....to be replaced by genetically engineered insect parts. There are some drawbacks to this surgery but many advantages in a fight.

Mantis girls work as a team, are extremely agile and rarely matched in close combat.

Good or bad, every war seems to have an unforgettable sound-track. In the latter years of the 21 st century, anarchy and chaos rule, what better way to express this than Punk?

Bands of Amazons accompany their comrades to war, riding on tanks, speakers blaring, deafening the quiet farming communities that they frequently raid and pillage.

The elite of the security corps, the Weta heavy weapons unit defend mobile Amazon encampments using their night vision to great effect. They are constantly on stand-by. When a simple raid becomes too big for their comrades to handle, the extra fire-power is much appreciated.

Overcrowding in the Domed cities of the late 21st century has seen a huge increase in gang warfare. The rival gangs vie for territory in the decaying concrete jungles to control trade routes, so vital to its citizens. Armed with a variety of weapons and vehicles, constantly warring they still have time for the latest retro fashion!

$15 US

$15 US
$15 US
$15 US

Base not included, supplied by www.ironhalo.net

Amazon Insect Cult zealots are considered in-human and grotesque by many. Using bio-mechanical insect carapaces and claws grafted to their bodies they inflict terrible damage on their victims....

Weta devotees are often retro-fitted with primitive engines when their original parts wear out.

$15 US

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28 / 30 mm pewter metal kits supplied unpainted. Not suitable for minors under 14 yrs.


28 / 30 mm Sci/fi figures
for war gaming and role playing.
Supplied unpainted.

For cheap affordable downloadable Sci-fi Skirmish rules check out "Mutants and Deathray Guns" by Ganesha Games. Also available in paperback.