Curriculum Vitae; GARY JOSEPH HUNT





Contact Details

[email protected]



British, NZ citizen.



1992-l994 Bournemouth & Poole College of Art & Design

1992 Strode College - sculpture, 1 term of day classes.

1989-1991 Somerset College of Art & Technology, Taunton

1983- 1989 Wells Blue School.


Qualifications Gained:

Modelmaking -Higher.National.Diploma, merit.

General Art and Design -National Diplmoma.

9 GCSE's


Other Certificates:




Modelmaking, Working in fine detail, scale plans, deadlines, maquettes,

Interpersonal skills, team working to project deadlines, creative input.

Research. Ideas. Design.

Sculpting from 5mm to 8 meters tall life-like or comical characters.

Painter classic/Photoshop design skills.

Interests : Travelling, Reading (fiction and history), Films, Music, Collecting Sculpture/Art History, painting.

Recent professional experience.


Personal project: 54mm Historical figures, Fantasy and Futuristic.

Wildly Inspired 28mm Historical & Fantasy Figures (under new management)


Professional Experience:

Freelance Work: UK & U.S.A

1999 Lucas Film StarWars merchandise at Skywalker Ranch for Camelot clients.

1997-2000 Juniper Models 12" fantasy kits & historical figures.

1997-98 Hothouse Models & Effects 6ft models & merchandise for Disney.

1995-2000 Camelot Industrial Artists Merchandise and toys for the BBC, Lucas Film, Disney, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Hasbro, Humbrol/Airfix, Cadburys, Kellogs, Corinthian,Vivid and many more.

1995 Grenadier Models UK Ltd 25mm fantasy wargaming figures.

1995 Tudor Amyethst silver chess sets & trophies.

1993-1999 OPSEC Plc optical security holograms for credit cards, tickets, illustrations in children's books.

Jobs taken whilst in education, United Kingdom.

1993-0ct Holton Lee Trust (architectural modelmaker.)

1993-June Martin Bower (sculptor.)

1993-Easter A.D. Models (modelmaker.)

1992 Minotaur miniatures (Private Project: 5" fantasy figures)

1990-1992 lcarus Aircraft (sprayer/painter/caster.)

1990-1991 Bulldog Buckle.Co. (brooch sculptor.)

1989 Dragons Gate (brooch & candlestick painter.)


Portfolio and References Available upon request

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