These new pieces have been inspired by my trip to Peru.

    Size 28 mm. See "news" and "portfolio" for more Inca sculpts.


     Detail of Inca Chief 28 mm

The lines of Nasca (whale)

taken from a 4 seater plane that tried to loop the loop!

(my stomach was in my mouth!)

Tambo Colarado (near Pisco)





Sacsychumana'n (Cusco)

 The Inca road.


 Siempre Joven "forever young"

on the Inca trail.

Cusco (ceremonial rock carving)  



along the Inca trail

Temple to the sun and moon.




Sun temple (Machu Pichu)





 Tambo Machay near Cusco.

Inca Stone work



 Inca Acquaduct

 Inca bath