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The World can be a dangerous, unsafe place for many peoples.More so, after the recent terrorist attacks in America. Many are still making their lands safe from old conflicts.

Mr Akira being one of them. "Holidaying" in Cambodia was a moving experience for me, Mr Akira's life story, saddening but his present ambition to make safe his country for his people enlightening. I gave what i could in the way of money but my good friend Neil gave blood, "respect"..

So if you visit Cambodia spare some time for the landmine museum in Siem Riep. Or if thats a bit of a mission and you would like to help, you can forward donations using the accounts below. Many thanks Gary.




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Letter from Mr Akira:

Welcome to the

LAND MINE MUSEUM & INFORMATION CENTRE Cambodia has experienced blood, terror and civil war in recent history, particularly under Pol Pot.
My name is Akira, Director of the Museum, which is located past the children's hospital on Angkor Wat Road, opposite Wat Tmei Pagoda.
(See Map Opposite)

I have examples of wide range of weapons including a variety of mines, which I have cleared by myself.

They have all been made 100% safe.

When I was five years old, my parents were killed by the Khmer Rouge. I was forced to leave my village and work in the fields. As a conscript with the Vietnamese army, I used to lay mines in the same fields.

Whilst a young man I cleared mines for the government and now I work for the people of the country.

I am happy to share my experiences with you and speak English, Japanese and French.

Please donate something if you wish, as my Museum is not funded, and help me in my mission to rid the country of these abominable weapons of war.

Add Mr Aki Ra
Land Mine Museum Siem Reap Angkor

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